My Favorite apps Part 2

Hey Guys!

First of I am SO sorry that I was gone last week, I was so busy and I am sorry! Also I want to know, what three days every week are you most likely check my blog, I am considering changing the days, What do you think? Tell me in the comments, I love you guys and lets get started!

Soundcloud, I love music, I was a spotify lover but I got SoundCloud so I could listen to podcasts but then I relized that I could listen to any song for FREE, With spotify you have to buy premium but soundcloud  is free so I delated spotify, Soundcloud is a much better deal, Plus you can listen and search offline if you turn on your LTE or 4G.

BuzzFeed AKA Bae, Buzzfeed has news and it tells you everything you don’t need to know until you know it such as What Celebrity Females look like with Moustaches, Yas, So nessary, GET IT!

Cute or Not, This is a app for BuzzFeed and it is pretty much Tinder for amimals (I don’t use tinder) That’s all I need to say about that.

Calm, This is a app for calming down or easing stress, It will play southing sounds and it gives guided mediations you can chose a time and do it, I do it before I go to bed, It helps me sleep better.

We heart it, We heart it is a app for inspiration with cute images, It is similar to Pintrust but better! (follow me: )

Grid Diary is a app to you can look back at your days, I want to write what I do everyday but it is SO HARD to rember so this app will ask 6 questions a day.

Riffr, if you play gutair you should have this, If you don’t well you don’t understand life! you can look up songs and learn the chords to play it.

Good Fortune Cookie, Do you love to read the fourtanes in your cookies? Get this app it is the same minus the cookie (Healthy!!!! This seems like I am in a commercial)

One list, This is the same as the reminders app that comes with the iphone but I can not figure that out, That seems granny of me.

Thank you guys for reading, I love you guys!

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Hair Care Routine

Hey guys!

So today I am doing a hair care routine. On my last post I got a LOT more followers from that post, You guys seemed to like more of a beauty post so I decided to do this again so lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        First I use my Fekkai PrX Shampoo, This is just a basic shampoo, also when I had longer hair I used this to protect it but yesterday I cut of 5-6 inched off of my hair so it just feels nice, I am not too picky about my shampoos.

Next I use the Aussie Moist Conditioner, Again I am not to picky about this this is just a regular conditioner, It works just as well as any other conditioners so if your looking for something simple that will get the job done use this.

Lastly I use my Aussie 3 minuet strong deep conditioning, This is a holey grail product. It makes my hair smooth, Soft, and strong. I would recommend this for anyone who lacks in the above or wants more of the above.

Thank you, I love you guys and I hope you have a magical day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stay tuned for tomorrow where I have my prompt post.

Small Haul review 

 Hey guys!

So todays post is a small haul, Then I reviewed the items and I am here to show you!

First I have Deep Clean Long-Last Shine Control Cleanser/Mask Neutrogena. This is supposed to get rid of shine and oil of your face and keep it off your face for eight hours. This stuff was good, It made my skin soft and I had no idea my skin was shiny until I used this, I assume this would help with acne though it does not claim it might.

Next I got Plud in Ged Waver, This worked well and I really liked it It made big 1980’s hair and if you use a different technique you can create a modern wave, I really liked it, I need to experiment more to figure out new techniques.

Lastly I got Beyond The Zone Turn up the Heat Flat Iron Protection, This is a heat protectant, The smell is not great but the smell wares away, It gets rid of the frizz from the waver but it works well.

Thank you guys for reading, I love you guys and comment down below your recent buys.




Prompt post 11

Hey guys!

So today’s prompt post is:

What is your favorite book?

This will help anyone trying to find a read.

I love you guys!!!!!  


Feeling pressured 

 Everyone of you reading this has a voice. I may not be loud and powerful yet because you have not found it. It is hard to come out of your shell and use it because it is powerful and beautiful. No, is a hard word to say even for the loud and proud ones, Okay you are all loud and proud, I should change that, You are all loud and proud, Though some including me just are to shy to use it. It is okay if you are unsure, you can say no with no hate and be just fine. I have had many encounters where I feel pressured to do something when I know in my heart it is wrong or something that is fearful also is you have lots of anxiety or panic attacks from things you should not have to do it, Here is a example that happened just a few minutes ago as I type this. I am  from Chicago, The Windy City. Everyone (or most people) owns a bike, There are people riding bikes everywhere. I love to ride my bike but it scares me so much to ride on a busy street next to cars (if your a Chicagoan, NO HATE) The one time I did it, It was not fun at all, The whole time my heart was coming out of my chest. My best friends birthday is coming up and I would want the world to not be so nervous. It is hard to say no, sometimes the simplest answer is maybe, You should not be worried about the other person You do not have to do something if it scares you or causes you panic or anxiety. If your feeling pressured tell your friend or family or who ever it is that you feel pressured to do one thing that you just know you will have a bad  time, Your friend would rather see you happy then miserable, It might make them a little upset but if they are truly your friend they should understand and shake it of like Taylor Swift and maybe think of a new idea, But if you think you can get over your fear check out:

My last post:


I love I can share with you this, It can be hard so I wanted to help you out.

I love you guys so much and look out for tomorrows prompt post.


Things to do This Spring

Hey guys!

Spring is upon us!! These are some ideas to do this spring.

1. Do a 5k

2. Train for a 5k

3. Garden

4. Start a blog

5. Picnic

6. Shopping

7. Change up your look (hair cut for example)

8. Listen to podcast

I recommend: Ear Biscuits (Rhett and Link), Strawburry17, Not so Deep (Grace Helibig)

9. Take some photos

10. Download the Just Dance App and play Just Dance

11. Do a contest

12. READ

Thanks guys! I love ya and have fun this spring!

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Prompt post 10

Hey guys!!!

This is not a prompt, it is a dare. Today I called one of my friends (check her out at: I talked to her for about an hour and a half, it was so nice to talk. I encourage you guys to just talk, it can be so nice to catch up.

I love you guys and like this if I should do more dares.