Prompt post 8

Good morning,

Today’s promt is…

What is your worst experience playing a sport?

Mine was when I was younger and I was at sailing camp, after lunch we played Sharks  and Minos and one kid ran in to me really hard, I thought it was a small buse ,because there was not enough sail boats for everyone, I did rotation first which was on a motor boat and someone capsized so he went really fast that it was bouncing and I hit my arm on a poll, they said I sprained my wrist but would not let me go to the dock so they got foam tubes and duct taped them to my arm! I know that’s a long story but that is really how it happens (for the rest of the week I pretended to be sea sick!)

Love you guys!


Popcorn lip scrub Lush review

Hey guys!

So I went to Lush recently (again, I think I am obsessed) Well my lips have always been chapped (ALLWAYS for a weird reason, It is really embarrassing for me to but on chapstick in class, Is that weird?) so I wanted to try a lip scrub, I know you can use sugar but I heard this had many reviews and it tasted like popcorn (I have braces so getting to “eat” popcorn was nice although sometimes I still do! SHHHH!)Oh and also this is kind of random but a I was going to do a different post ,but when I saw A Girl Obsessed did the same thing (with the same lip scrub) I decided to do a review instead, I will link it here:  Lets get started!

Taste (This really has nothing to do with it)

10/10! All though it does not taste like popcorn but it is good!


5/10 The texture was a little to fine for me because mine are ALLWAYS chapped, as I said.

Lasting power

5/10 (9/10 with chapstick)


4/10 ( I found this to be a little to expensive)

Overall, I would recommend this product if you are good and remember chapstick, If your lips are super chapped this works but you need a lot, If you are good about using chapstick this might work for you. I am gong to keep searching for a better one.

Ps. If your lips are super chapped or your going to bed use this scrub, Then apply chapstick, Then apply Vaseline or Aquaphor Your lips will be super soft.

Thank you so much and if your reading this, You are loved and very special, I am also thinking about changing my blog name, I will have a contest, Leave your ideas in the comments below  and I will chose a winner sometime in April, You can leave as many comments as you want to but they all must be different!

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PSS. I am only human and I am a bad speller and have bad grammar so be nice and I apologize, I am working on it.

Love Owlwriter123

February favorites

Hello guys!

I have seen February favorites floating around the blog universe through out the week and I thought why not give it a try!


This shampoo smells so good and eliminates frizz leaving your hair smooth and shiny.

 This conditioner makes my hair hydrated and soft, You don’t need a lot of it and when I curl my hair it will still leave it smooth and shiny.

This makes my hair weight less and is a holy grail product, you don’t need a lot and it is super moisturizing, after I use this I feel like I walked out if a shampoo commercial.

This month I curled my hair a little to much… This stuff works well, and I get complements that my hair smells good. Storygirl123, this is what makes my hair smell good.

I think this is a 1 inch curling iron but I use it as a wand, it gives me nice waves that last all day, I  have had this for a while but I just started to use it.


This body wash smells so good and leaves me squeaky clean!

This moisturizer is super soft and it last all day, my skin is dry so I really like it!


I got this for Christmas but this month I can’t stop playing it, it has a wonderful sound.

My Polaroid is some thing I got in January but I recently used it in a photo shoot (I would show you but my film got stuck, photographer struggles)

I have been using my kindle so much this month, I prefer it over regular books, (coming soon kindle review!)

This book is so good! I love John Greens writing story is about a girl named Margo and Q embark on the most exciting night of their life’s. The next day Margot is missing, it’s up to Q and some of his friends to find her. This is a must read.

I got this book for Valentine’s Day, so excited when I got it. It is full of chords and history for the ukulele.

This is not the most flattering picture, I needed the screen brightness you can see the screen. This thing the phone is in is a amplifier, I put it in the bath room to hear music well I shower. Also my favorite song of the month is fourfiveseconds!

Sleep cycle is wonderful, it wakes you up when your in your lightest phase of sleep. I wake up feeling super refreshed.

Chai tea latte is bae!!! 

My new book shelf, I got  this from target for 20 dollars! Score! And that is Milo chilling in the shelf.

Thank you so much and if you like this let me know and I can do one every month!

Love you guys!


Garfield park conservatory

Hey guys!!

This weekend I was sick and tired of the cold (like this if you agree.) I wanted to go somewhere warm but it was not a good time to travel so me, my sister, and my friend went to Garfield park conservatory (located in Chicago, I have never mentioned that I live in Chicago well I live in Chicago.)

It is so warm!!! I made the mistake of a turtle neck! It was so beautiful, there where lots of color and freshness, we only spent a little while there but I wanted to share some photos and a good idea that we did there.

At the conservatory my friends and I played hide and seek, I know childish but it was so much fun, the whole time we were texting things like, ” I see you!!” Things like that, it was a lot of fun and was really annoying to others.





















I just really want to encourage you guys to have fun and get out and experience these, well if your some where warm send some warm hugs to Chicago because the snow won’t be leaving anytime soon, also today is not my post day but I am busy tomorrow so today I am posting, I love you guys!!! Please follow me if you like what your reading!

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If your reading this your beautiful and smart!!

Love owlwriter123

Lush face mask review!!!!


Hey guys!

This is not my usual post but when I heard that LUSH sells fair trade products I had to go get one, also I do want to apologize because my computer is not likening me now so I am writing this on my phone, not ideal but it works!

So at lush I picked up two face masks:

Brazened Honey:



This has a nice scent and this is full of honey, almonds, herds and spices. This has a nice texture and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft and definitely moisturizing, but after I rinsed it of it left a strong scent but slowly goes away. It has a cool feeling when I apply it and makes my skin feel refreshed and nice.


(I did apply this to my face but I did not show it)

Catastrophe cosmetic:



This has a wonderful smell, WHY CAN’T I EAT IT!!! Lush should sell food, smoothies. Okay back to the point, this also cools very nicely and is very thin and does not flake everywhere. It is full of wonderful ingredients and smells great, you can still smell it after you wash it of but it is very little, also I noticed that it reduced the size of the pores in my hand and face, this makes my skin feel great! Also I noticed even after I rinsed it off my skin has a cooling effect that felt nice.

These are both wonderful and they both have pros and cons but over all I think the Catastrophe cosmetic was my favorite, I still do recommend both though they are wonderful and they are not that expensive! But them now!

Love you guys!


Disclaimer: I got these with my own money and my opinions are my own.

If your reading this comment “spa night!”

Prompt post 6

Hello guys, good morning,

Todays prompt post is : Rewrite a story in pig Latin.

fiay ruiuay daeray histay ommentcay ” Reatingsgay rthlingeaay”