Feeling pressured 

 Everyone of you reading this has a voice. I may not be loud and powerful yet because you have not found it. It is hard to come out of your shell and use it because it is powerful and beautiful. No, is a hard word to say even for the loud and proud ones, Okay you are all loud and proud, I should change that, You are all loud and proud, Though some including me just are to shy to use it. It is okay if you are unsure, you can say no with no hate and be just fine. I have had many encounters where I feel pressured to do something when I know in my heart it is wrong or something that is fearful also is you have lots of anxiety or panic attacks from things you should not have to do it, Here is a example that happened just a few minutes ago as I type this. I am  from Chicago, The Windy City. Everyone (or most people) owns a bike, There are people riding bikes everywhere. I love to ride my bike but it scares me so much to ride on a busy street next to cars (if your a Chicagoan, NO HATE) The one time I did it, It was not fun at all, The whole time my heart was coming out of my chest. My best friends birthday is coming up and I would want the world to not be so nervous. It is hard to say no, sometimes the simplest answer is maybe, You should not be worried about the other person You do not have to do something if it scares you or causes you panic or anxiety. If your feeling pressured tell your friend or family or who ever it is that you feel pressured to do one thing that you just know you will have a bad  time, Your friend would rather see you happy then miserable, It might make them a little upset but if they are truly your friend they should understand and shake it of like Taylor Swift and maybe think of a new idea, But if you think you can get over your fear check out:


My last post: https://owlwritesstories.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/things-to-do-this-spring/

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I love I can share with you this, It can be hard so I wanted to help you out.

I love you guys so much and look out for tomorrows prompt post.


Things to do This Spring

Hey guys!

Spring is upon us!! These are some ideas to do this spring.

1. Do a 5k

2. Train for a 5k

3. Garden

4. Start a blog

5. Picnic

6. Shopping

7. Change up your look (hair cut for example)

8. Listen to podcast

I recommend: Ear Biscuits (Rhett and Link), Strawburry17, Not so Deep (Grace Helibig)

9. Take some photos

10. Download the Just Dance App and play Just Dance

11. Do a contest

12. READ

Thanks guys! I love ya and have fun this spring!

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Late March favorites

  Hey guys!!!

I am so sorry about not posting last week, I am really busy, this week I am on spring break so I had to post. Let’s get into it!

Music: This month I loved No Better by Lorde and it is absolutely beautiful and I LOVE it!

Fitness: This month was a way for me to get outside, the weather started to get nice. This month I have played a lot of tennis after a long day it is so nice and gets rid of any frustration and I love it with my friends after the day.

Also I love playing Just Dance, I got the app and you hook it up to your computer and it is wonderful and so much fun.

Person/ thing: My friend Storygirl123 gave me a book called What I Like About You and I love it and It is so sweet! Also she gave me a bracelet and I love it!

This month I have also gotten into drawing and it is fun and it is a side of me I want to explore.

Youtuber: Rhett and Link is a new channel for me, I started to watch and I really like them. Also I really like there Ear Biscuets and as I write this I am listing to there’s on Linsey Stirling and it is really good.

Book: I love the If I Stay series, it is like a roller coaster, it is romantic and funny I love it, I am behind on this but I love it!

Okay thanks so much and I want to tell you because I am on spring break so I am going to post as much as I can this week.

Love you


31 Blog Post Ideas for every Kind of Blogger

Hey guys!

I am back! Well I was away I thought of 31 blog post ideas! These are for all kinds of bloggers so I might not do all of these but you might, I want to make something you all can use.  Lets get into it!

1. Favorites each month

2. DIY Clothes

3. DIY Bag

4.Favorite Blogger

5.Pie Recipe (because EVERYONE loves Pie)

6.Favorite books

7. Playlist of songs each month


9. Book review

10. How to start a Blog

11.How to start over

12. Love yourself

13. Giveaway

14. Motivating quotes  I did one (https://owlwritesstories.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/motivating-poems/)

15. What to in (season)

16. Best Apps I did one (https://owlwritesstories.wordpress.com/2015/01/10/best-apps/)

17. Kindle Review

18. Polaroid Review

19.Hair care routine

20. Seasonal Fashion

21. Make up look

22. DIY Pillows

23. DIY room décor

24. My favorite youtube videos

25. My youtube subscriptions

26. How to write a business letter

27. App Review

28. Show your art (if your a artist)

29. TAG (TMI, 50 Random Facts,100 questions no one asks, If you can do in a interview you can type it to.)

30. How to study for your next test

31. Food review

Thank you guys and let me know if you want a part 2 or a list for just beauty bloggers or something like that and I will do that for you.

Bye guys!


DIY Photo Book

Hey guys!

So this post is being done on my phone again (sorry) my computer is a old toshiba and the side plastic thing snapped in half and all of these little wires are sticking out and it froze so I need to get on that. Well anyways today after I got home from photo class I made a book for all of my photos and negatives so I decided to make a post on it, it is so cute and if you do it leave your photo in the comments. Let’s go!

1. Decorate the cover anyway you want to! I used washi tape, markers, and a sticky note.

2. I put all my negatives in sleeves and put them in my binder. Also if you want to see them put a white piece of paper in your binder to put behind the negatives to see your photos or show them to others with out a darkroom.

3. I put all my photos in sleeves and displayed them in my binder.

4. I also put some notebook paper in the back to write some ideas.

5. I also printed out some photos I really liked and put them in there to.

If you would like to see my classes photos go to:


I hope you guys enjoy!!!!

Sick day 

Hey  guys,

Today  I am home sick, I thought  I would share some ideas on what to do and what you need to survive a sick day, let’s get started!

Well your home you can treat your self to a face mask or bath bomb 

You can watch Netflix and YouTube all day

You can sleep

Post in your blog


1. Breath right nose strips

2. Bath bomb

3. Advil

4. Blankets 

5. Pillows 

6. Computer 

8. Netflix 

Thank you and have a nice day hopefully not sick like me!!  


My favorite Bloggers!

Hey guys!

After looking at my week end it is going to be pretty busy so I thought I would post today! I want to share a few of my favorite blogs and bloggers, I linked there bloglovin pages so you can find them. Follow me on bloglovin, It would make you the best person EVER!https://www.bloglovin.com/people/owlwriter123-11579373

In the comments leave your favorite bloggers/blogs to Okay? Okay. (Comment if you love fault in our stars as much as I do, I bet you don’t.)

Also I chose some that maybe will be more appealing to you, For example  don’t where makeup but I did put makeup blogs below incase that’s your cup of tea.

https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/sweet-electric-4317297       Beauty and fashion

https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/gh0stpartiescom-4532619   Beauty and fashion

https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/storygirl123-13772725      Writing and quotes (Worlds sweetest person!)

https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/-wonder-forest–3880943?search_term=-%20Wonder%20Forest%20-&context=search_suggestion                    Lifestyle (my queen!)